Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sladja PickfordSladja Pickford
I am so happy that this time I found a driving instructor as great as Richard is, an instructor who loves his job and cares for his students. Always positive, friendly, kind and polite. Richard made me feel good about driving, so I learnt quickly and the lessons were never dull. Richard is very experienced, knowledgeable and he knows the area and all the small details that are necessary to pass, so when it came to the test I was properly prepared, 100% ready. Everything that we were practicising, such as manoeuvres and independent driving came up on the test. Even the test area was like the roads we would practice on before. He made my test feel just like another lesson. Richard tailored my lessons, explaining and giving me lots of examples to suit my way of learning. His lessons were always planned ahead, well structured as well as funny so I just couldn’t wait for the next lesson. Richard taught me how to be a good and safe driver. Richard really helped me to regain my confidence and my driving lessons were an enjoyable and very memorable experience. I’m so grateful and I couldn’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a great driving instructor.

Mark GoodbanMark Goodban
I found Richard to be an outstanding instructor. He was able to adapt to my way of learning very quickly and I am not easy to teach. Richards calm cander put me at ease all the time I was in the car with him, which was great as I was so nervous I thought I would crash the car most of the time. I did not use the videos on the DVD and I read the book once, like I said I find it difficult when learning other methods I am not used to. Richard made it all quite clear with his explanations to me then stating what the book was telling me. Overall the experience was fun as much as academic. I feel very lucky to have had Richard as an instructor as I feel he really did teach me how to drive. Thankyou

Jade HullJade Hull
I would highly recommend Richard as a driving instructor as he is patient and caring. Richard made the lessons fun and his teaching skills were amazing. Richard really built my confidence and my driving lessons were an enjoyable and very memorable experience. The work book Richard provided me with was a very useful part of the learning experience. Richard is an extremely polite and relaxed instructor. I couldnt thank him enough.

Ridrigo CarvalhoRidrigo Carvalho
Passed with Richard
I have to say that my instructor Richard was crucial for my successful result. Every little detail that we practiced came up on the test. He has a very nice way to teach with good explanations, good examples, always in a good mood. The roads we practiced on were just like the ones on my test. He made my test feel like an easy peasy task. I didnt feel like it was a test at all. I cannot recommend Richard enough! Thankyou Richard so much!

Nathan MillsNathan Mills
Passed 1st Time
Richard is a great instructor and a great guy, he was the ideal choice for me as I could always get the lessons I wanted that worked with my work schedule. Richard is very easy going which helped us get on very well, which in turn made my driving skills progress very fast as I enjoyed every lesson. Although I passed my theory before I met Richard, I still found the online content I used extremely helpfull to refresh my memory on the subjects, I think the workbook is a great idea as ut breaks down the learning process and gives you something to aim for each lesson, aswell as giving content on next weeks lessons. I highly recommend LDC (Richard) to anyone looking for a quality instructor.

Jasmine HarrisJasmine Harris
Passed 1St Time
I can’t thank Richard enough for all his help. Richard was the best instructor I’ve had and I never felt worried about my next lesson, he really helped me gain confidence in driving and always put me at ease. Richard is very calm and friendly. He is always making jokes to make you feel comfortable Richard helped me pass so quickly first time and pushed me forward for the test as he is confident in his students. He always wants the best for you and always works around you and gives you so many hours working on your weaknesses. There is also so many learning materials he provides you with to make sure you can pass as quickly as possible while making sure you are confident and safe. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a proper driving instructor.

Callum SimmonettCallum Simmonett
Passed with Richard
When I began learning with Richard I had already failed 5 practical tests, this really knocked my confidence. When it came to relocating, and learning in a new area - Tolworth. Upon starting with Richard he quickly built my confidence back up in the driving seat. Furthermore he helped me develop as a safe and competent driver. Richard’s charisma also ensured there would never be a dull lesson. Having failed so many times previously, and to pass first time in a new location. I cannot imagine a better instructor than Richard. Regarding the student centered LD System and the LDC Theory Test preperation resources these helped massively in ensuring I was constantly learning, and built on the progress in the car.

Maurizio DeufemiaMaurizio Deufemia
From the very first lesson Richard was very Patient with me, answering any questions I had, explaining all important information in a way i could understand making me feel assured. Richard made sure he made time for me all through my lessons, making sure we covered all aspects of driving and taught me how to deal with them. On the day of my test i wasnt as nervous as I thought I was going to be because we had covered everything I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who would like a driving instructor with a lot of knowledge, patience, time and good banter. Thankyou Richard

Freyja WarrellFreyja Warrell
I passed my driving test 1st time after a one week pass intensive course with Richard. Richard is a fantastic intructor and made me feel less anxious and more confident about driving. Not only does Richard have great teaching skills but he makes you feel welcome in the car and uses humor to help take away your nerves. His clear, concise instructions made learning easy and enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend Richard to anyone learning to drive.

Gemma KevilleGemma Keville
I passed with Richard
I can not thank Richard enough. He was easy to relax around and his teaching techniques are awesome. He makes things easy to understand and our lessons were fun and constructive. The learning material given was simple to use and made learning easy. Thank-you Richard, driving will change my life massively. I will be highly recommending you to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely and properly.

Dawn Marie LamonicaDawn Marie Lamonica
I passed my test with Richard
Richard was a very caring, patient and knowledgable instructor. He was always calm and did a great initial evaluation, so that the lessons we did targetted my weaknesses. He went out of his way to pick me up at my house and was very flexible to my work schedule. He had excellent tips on the hardest key moves. Like Bay Parking, Hill starts, Clutch Control and Parallel Parking. He was always friendly encouraging and supportive and he knows the roads and the area and helps see what we need to look for. The book, practical and theory tutorials and online tests were excellent. Very greatful for the experience recommended highly. Thankyou

Francesca BainbridgeFrancesca Bainbridge
Richard is an amazing instructor, he helped me alot with my driving. He is also a lovely man who is polite and funny. I really enjoyed my lessons and always looked forward to the next one and I will recommend to anyone who needs to drive properly and safely. Learning with Richard went past very quickly as lessons were very useful and would learn something new everytime. He would always try and fit in lessons when ever I needed one and always arrived early. I cant thank him enough and wish him all the best in his career that he is wonderful at.

Luke Harrington-MyersLuke Harrington-Myers
Passed 1st time
After a 30 hour intensive course I passed my driving test 1st time. Thankyou to Richard. He is a really good instructor, knows his stuff and I had a very enjoyable week. Thankyou.

Leah ElliersLeah Elliers
Passed first time
The LDC workbook and the online theory preparations were both very helpful. I passed both on the first attempt. Richard is a fun guy, who is able to teach students in just 11 days a total of 17 hours everything I needed to be a safe driver and to be able to pass my test first time with 7 driver faults (minors) I enjoyed it very much.

Danny ShuttleworthDanny Shuttleworth
I Passed with Richard
When I first messaged Richard, and he replied he instantly put my worries at ease. The first lesson I confident that I could achieve my pass. His online study software for the theory test really helped. And going through the workbook at the LD system helped with every lesson. Richard is totally amazing and I would recommend him to everyone. He taught me well, reassured me and supported the whole time. Thanks to Richard I passed with only 2 driver faults (minors). If anyone needs a driving instructor I will always recommend Richard. Thankyou again Danny Shuttleworth P.S. the book is great along with the practical.